Specialized Saddle Sizing

Find your saddle size

Specialized Body Geometry saddles are offered in multiple widths to support all body types. Saddle size is determined by measuring your sit bones and correlating it to the appropriate width saddle. Your local Specialized retailer can help measure your sit bones using a Retül Digital Sit bone Device, or you can measure your sit bones at home. Gather the tools needed and get started.

Tools Needed for this Experience

  • Flat chair or bench (high enough so knees are bent at 90°)
  • Small piece of corrugated cardboard (roughly 5" x 12")
  • Large piece of corrugated cardboard (large enough to cover chair)
  • Marker or pen
  • Metric ruler

Determine your sit bone width

  1. Place large piece of cardboard on chair. Place small piece of cardboard lengthwise on large cardboard, where you'll be sitting. Sit on small cardboard with knees at 90° to the floor (use a block or prop under feet to raise them, if necessary). Pull up on chair to create sit bone impression. Stand up when done.
  2. Grab small cardboard and marker. Feel cardboard for impressions. Mark a vertical line on each side of left and right sit bone impressions. There should be four lines on cardboard. Make a dot in the center of each sit bone impression. Measure distance between dots.