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BodyGeometry Fit today

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On the day of your bike fit:


  • Allow 3 hours for your fitting

  • Bring your bike(s)

  • Wear comfortable clothes (preferably cycling knicks)

  • Bring the shoes you cycle in


Do you ever experience pain and discomfort on your bike? 


Would you like to generate more power?  


Ride longer, stronger and faster?  


Don't suffer discomfort or limit your potential on the bike.


A quality bike fit is one of the best investments you can make to your cycling performance


Velofix offers the BodyGeometry Fit system which has been developed by Specialized in conjunction with Dr Andy Pruitt Ed.D.PA of the Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine and is one of the world's best bike fitting methodology. A BodyGeometry fit is the only fit proven in medical trials to improve a rider’s performance.


Here at Velofix we are very proud of the fact that ours was the first certified fit studio in NSW and even more proud that Anthony is the first fitter in Australia certified to the third and highest level of qualification. Anthony heads up a team of qualified and highly experienced BodyGeometry Fit Specialists.


Whatever type of rider you are, whether you are a recreational cyclist or looking to make your mark in cycling events or triathlons a BodyGeometry fit can transform your ride and results – you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!


"The right position and fit for the rider is absolutely crucial not only for maximising performance and avoiding injury but it is essential to the enjoyment element of the ride. A poorly or unfitted bike will create unnecessary stresses on the body and result in discomfort for the rider which in turn takes away from performance and enjoyment."

Anthony - Velofix


What does a BodyGeometry Fit encompass?


  1.     Pre fit interview

  2.     Advanced flexibility assessment

  3.     Advanced structural assessment

  4.     Dynamic saddle height and for/aft

  5.     Saddle fitting

  6.     Custom footbed fitting

  7.     Cleat adjustment

  8.     Dynamic handlebar positioning

  9.     Hip/knee/alignment

  10.     Other adjustments as needed

  11.     Post fit follow up to ensure positive results


See the below video for a more in-depth look at the BodyGeometry Fit process.

BodyGeometry Fit

View our BodyGeometry Fit Video Demonstration.



"The Body Geometry fit demands a professional who knows what they are talking about. There is no pointing at a screen and saying "you are here, but you have to be here," just physiological, anatomical and cycling knowledge. Such a lengthy experience means that there is no hiding from the customer and Anthony's fit was excellent."

Jack, Lynch - Ride Magazine Issue 70, Volume 4 2015 (click here for article)



"After multiple failed attempts to fix my fit issues with the shop I bought the bike from I booked a BodyGeometry Fit with Anthony (as a bit of a last ditch attempt to save my non existent cycling career) and the difference it made was beyond compare. I used to struggle from a comfort point of view to get through a 40km ride.


This year I completed my first Ironman (which involves a 180km ride), won it and have qualified for the Ironman World championships in Kona. A feat that there is no way I would have even attempted prior to Anthony working his magic!"

Catherine Chatterton - triathlete